Thursday, June 29, 2006

The idea of my final assignment
In relation to my teaching, there are many interesting topics I want to develop a learning object ,such as the creation of Chinese words , the main events happened between 1919 to 1945 to show the cause of second world war, or the issue of globalization. All these topics are great issues with complicated backgrounds that students are not favorite to read. Therefore, create a learning object with visual and interactive material can engage student learning effectively.
Preliminary, I may use time line link to my design history photos to show the cause of second war world. As required, screen with animation and certain level of interaction are in my thinking of design. I need to explore the detail content of my work, the most important is what do I want my student to learn, or how can they learn more easily by my interactive learning design. Give me more time to develop my thinking of my work.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Will this book draw you in reading it ?

Does I can convey the message I want to bring about ? Please comment!


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Can the picture help you to remember all the content and know more about the structure of the outermost layer atmosphere.

I think this picture can “convey the most knowledge” about the outermost layer atmosphere“ in the shortest time in the small space”? (Tefle, 1983)
Visual can present data, information, knowledge, ideas such as the examples in session 2’ ppts. I can aware the different countries political attitudes of Europe in 1870 just by a glance of Hadol’s Satiric Map. Pictures can pass the message instead of words or language, basically, vision is our ability to understand and communicate with the world around us. I am much agreeing that our cultural are much relies on languages communication. Other than language, visual imagery also can use for the communication of complex ideas. If our education are learned in decoding and creating imagery, that means we are not just seeing in eyes, but to reflect or analyze on it with thought and insight.
In http://pages pages/Adrian/index.html the process of seeing inspired me to think more careful and detail in structural relations in the abstract data in vision. Vision itself is complex, but how we have expanded our thinking by vision is a process of constructive activity. As we scan the immediate environment from a context for the detail, we rely not only on “wired-in perceptual mechanisms” to categorize what we see, but that our process of seeing, and understanding what we see. “The perceiver may see the world before we knows it”(Ibid) therefore, a single glances of vision is interpreting what is seen based on what we have seen in past, first images becomes part of our general knowledge.

By the way, to understand the concept between information and knowledge in visualization, according to wikipedis: Information visualization is the use of interactive, sensory representations, typically visual, of abstract data to reinforce cognitive. It is a complex research area includes theory in information design, computer graphics and human-computer interaction in cognitive thinking. Practical application of information visualization in computer programs involves selecting, transforming and representing abstract data in a form that facilitates human interaction for exploration and understanding. Important aspects of information visualization are the interactivity and dynamics of the visual representation to structural relations in the abstract data in pictures.

Knowledge visualization - "the use of visual representations to transfer knowledge between at least two persons" (Burkhard and Meier, 2004), aims to improve the transfer of knowledge by using visualization methods. Examples of such visual formats are sketches, diagrams, images, objects, interactive visualizations, information visualization applications, imaginary visualizations, and stories. While information visualization concentrates on the use of computer-supported tools to derive new insights, knowledge visualization focuses to transfer insights and to create new knowledge in groups. Other than facts to make knowledge visible, knowledge visualization aims to further transfer “ insights, experience, attitudes, values, expectations, eventually with the capacity to share or manage.

response to comments:

Compared with text representation, the purpose of visual representation is easier and quicker for audience to understand. Therefore, the power to use the main elements for visual display such as graphics, text, symbols or colour (Lester 2000) is important. Although I do not use animation to make my work more attractive, but I think my picture can illustrates the main points from the text clearly.
In beginning my task, I do not make a planning process such as in session 3 you taught us about in making a digital story, we need to consider the process from selecting a topic to the end stage of delivery. But actually, I had thoughtfully to think about how to present my layout in a picture. As I went through my task, I go to to find a picture of the earth, Select desired picture with a right click and copy it. I Using Photo Impact, crop out the top part of the earth. I Copy that part, and paste it into the power-point document.

In understanding your provided text, I felt a little difficult and boring. I browsing in the Internet about the earth, I found this page ( could give me clearer and detail information about the earth’s atmosphere. From the ground up, I think the four layers temperature changes and its height are important information to know about the functioning of our atmosphere, as you climb higher, the most dense, the temperature drops. Therefore, I put in the scale of temperature and height.

I create a scale using the "Drawing lines" tool and adjust the settings in "Format AutoShape"
When the scale is done, mark out each point. Using Photo Impact, I draw out the borders of the atmosphere and Put everything together into the power-point document. Finally, I Using the "Text box” labels each atmosphere and adds on any other information about it.

You asked me how is the different in my representation from the others. I think I am not he most good, but I had done my best. In viewing Daphne Chan Kit Fun’s presentation, she is doing the best with clear layout and attractive animation. Many of our classmates are using attractive animation display, but some of it I cannot understand, even it is not very complicated, but not everyone has the ability to understand what they see, especially difficult concept with many data and facts. Therefore, proper text with graphic explanation can directly build up the knowledge in our mind.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Reflection on session I Mite-6323

As I saw some interesting examples in interactive visual representation in session one, I feel a little stress in the newly technologies and techniques, animation, multimedia, interactivity. With only fewer skills in computer knowledge, it is a great challenge for me to create visual explanation in the beginning. It stunned me! Actually, it gives me a new insight in planning my teaching and learning. On the other hand, the desire to use visual tool to attract reader is a new and interesting direction to learn. To use of visualization to discover relationships, using interactive graphics to widen our thinking is a new way for me to learn in the module.

Visualization the term is not new because we can see many example of visualization art such as cave painting, hieroglyphs in history. According to the wikipedia, It is any technique for creating images, diagrams, or animations to communicate a message. Through visual imagery has been an effective way to communicate both abstract and concrete ideas, but I need to know how do I can do it.
Visualization today has ever-expanding applications in science and all forms of education, interactive multimedia, medicine etc. Typical of most applications of visualization these days are the extensive use of computer graphics. The development of animation also helped advance the field of visualization. With the growth and goal of representation of visual display, I hope I can develop animation visual explanation skills and find it useful in my career.