Thursday, June 29, 2006

The idea of my final assignment
In relation to my teaching, there are many interesting topics I want to develop a learning object ,such as the creation of Chinese words , the main events happened between 1919 to 1945 to show the cause of second world war, or the issue of globalization. All these topics are great issues with complicated backgrounds that students are not favorite to read. Therefore, create a learning object with visual and interactive material can engage student learning effectively.
Preliminary, I may use time line link to my design history photos to show the cause of second war world. As required, screen with animation and certain level of interaction are in my thinking of design. I need to explore the detail content of my work, the most important is what do I want my student to learn, or how can they learn more easily by my interactive learning design. Give me more time to develop my thinking of my work.


  • Would you please explain who are the target users as they may affect the project's level of difficulity

    By Blogger Chan Kit Fun, at 9:26 PM  

  • Commonly ,general cause for world war II are the rise of militarism,and the presence of unresolved territoral issues, it is too large to present. I have interested in this topic because I can use this representation in my teaching.What I need to explain to a form two students are just focus on the resentment of the Treaty of Versalles, and the onset of Depression____ fueled the rise to the power of Hitler. but the idea to use history photo to represent such a large and complicated issue I may not can finish within a few weeks alone, so I quit it.

    By Blogger Marielibrary, at 8:07 PM  

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