Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Reflection on session I Mite-6323

As I saw some interesting examples in interactive visual representation in session one, I feel a little stress in the newly technologies and techniques, animation, multimedia, interactivity. With only fewer skills in computer knowledge, it is a great challenge for me to create visual explanation in the beginning. It stunned me! Actually, it gives me a new insight in planning my teaching and learning. On the other hand, the desire to use visual tool to attract reader is a new and interesting direction to learn. To use of visualization to discover relationships, using interactive graphics to widen our thinking is a new way for me to learn in the module.

Visualization the term is not new because we can see many example of visualization art such as cave painting, hieroglyphs in history. According to the wikipedia, It is any technique for creating images, diagrams, or animations to communicate a message. Through visual imagery has been an effective way to communicate both abstract and concrete ideas, but I need to know how do I can do it.
Visualization today has ever-expanding applications in science and all forms of education, interactive multimedia, medicine etc. Typical of most applications of visualization these days are the extensive use of computer graphics. The development of animation also helped advance the field of visualization. With the growth and goal of representation of visual display, I hope I can develop animation visual explanation skills and find it useful in my career.


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