Saturday, July 29, 2006

This is my final prototype
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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

prototype under construction
Here is the Front Page to introduce the Process, the Cause, the Effects, and the Consequences of desertification. Four action buttons to choose which topic you want to see.

Process page
Two animations on the side with a slider to show the temperature and rainfall's correlation with the process of desertification

Cause page
Three pictures with three animations showing the cause by humans. And the arrows jump to a chart to show the conclusion.

Effects page
"Can you guess all the effects of desertification?" - people can click the four green buttons to see if their guesses are correct. A picture and a small annotation is written at the botton

Consequences page
Students can play a maze. They must go to all six points in order. Each time they reach a new point, a consequence with a picture will pop up.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Last session Daneil give me advised to focus on the topic ā€˜ how desertification effects the world ā€™. I hope I can linking all the issue on dryland, degraded soil, wind erosion contributing to more intensive hurricanes, air pollution, global loss of biodiversity or growing problem. But Iā€™m afraid if I just present part of the feature of desertification, student cannot have a complete clear picture about. If student do not have some base knowledge about the topic, it may not underline the importance of the issue. The concept about desertification and poverty are different from science or maths subjects, which can be learnt directly by clear elaborating steps.
How about if I follow my plan to used this front page to develop the topics about desertification by using graphic incorporated with photos to show the whole picture about it? Or I need to change? (I would try my best to use some technique of flash in my work and make it interactively.)

My storyboard : desertification

I find in the clip art of desert, it can help a lot to show the features of a desert. I will place them onto a slide in PowerPoint to make my front page. Afterwards, I used some action bottoms to allow my student to choose what they want to read about the topic : desertification. The following topics will be presented by the used of photos and graphics.
For the time being, I find it difficult to explain the meaning of desertification. I plan to create a few graphics that show the process of how it happens and follow with real pictures to show how it look like at each stages. In case student cannot understand entirely, I will include a simple definition at the bottom, explaining what desertification means.
In order to have a complete concept about desertification, I also create the bottom about how human take the role of it, I plan to find some picture of forest being destroyed and areas that are draught etc.
Finally, the bottom how desertification effects the world, I would like to make it interactively, but I need to think about it later!