Friday, July 14, 2006

Last session Daneil give me advised to focus on the topic ā€˜ how desertification effects the world ā€™. I hope I can linking all the issue on dryland, degraded soil, wind erosion contributing to more intensive hurricanes, air pollution, global loss of biodiversity or growing problem. But Iā€™m afraid if I just present part of the feature of desertification, student cannot have a complete clear picture about. If student do not have some base knowledge about the topic, it may not underline the importance of the issue. The concept about desertification and poverty are different from science or maths subjects, which can be learnt directly by clear elaborating steps.
How about if I follow my plan to used this front page to develop the topics about desertification by using graphic incorporated with photos to show the whole picture about it? Or I need to change? (I would try my best to use some technique of flash in my work and make it interactively.)


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