Friday, July 14, 2006

My storyboard : desertification

I find in the clip art of desert, it can help a lot to show the features of a desert. I will place them onto a slide in PowerPoint to make my front page. Afterwards, I used some action bottoms to allow my student to choose what they want to read about the topic : desertification. The following topics will be presented by the used of photos and graphics.
For the time being, I find it difficult to explain the meaning of desertification. I plan to create a few graphics that show the process of how it happens and follow with real pictures to show how it look like at each stages. In case student cannot understand entirely, I will include a simple definition at the bottom, explaining what desertification means.
In order to have a complete concept about desertification, I also create the bottom about how human take the role of it, I plan to find some picture of forest being destroyed and areas that are draught etc.
Finally, the bottom how desertification effects the world, I would like to make it interactively, but I need to think about it later!


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