Saturday, August 05, 2006

Reflection of my learning:

In this module, Daniel has leaded us to a new direction to learn and he has taught us many useful skills. The most impressive and I can make most ability to it is to reforming textual information into visual representation and use digital resources to make a photo story. In using the tool of flash, I have become more understanding. Even though I am a bit slow in working, I think my skills have improved a bit. I think flash is a very good program and can be very useful if you know how to function it.

I want to be able to use flash well and to produce good animations, however, I am not very familiar with its setting and it is hard to learn everything very quickly. The problem is: although I can follow Daniel to make button and create a slider in class, but how to integrate it with my design information and apply this tool function in my work is difficult. I think if I want to improve my skills in using flash, I need to often practice with the program so that I can become familiar with it. It is like the saying “practice make perfect”. I believe that if I practice it and try hard to improve my skills with flash, I will be able to produce some good results with it.
Besides, by the task of our assignment, I also learn a lot not just knowing it how to do, but doing it. I have a little surprise I can do a maze by instructions from a form four student and my classmate appreciate the effort of my work. It’s a real learning. Therefore, I want to share my learning to do a maze with other classmate. It is not difficult to follow the steps to create a maze, but to make it more interactively ,I mean it is not one way to play, but have many obstacles and make it challenge may need other classmates advice.

Belows are some points to make a maze:

Firstly, to draw the maze use the rectangle tool to draw the border of the maze, and then use the line tool to draw out the path and the route in order to customize the line, right click the line and press Format Autoshape. (The line and arrow can choose color and style at this stage.)
I used the oval tool to draw out the red spots and use textbox to write the numbers.

Secondly is to make the maze function.
Right click the green line and choose custom animation. An extra column appear and you have to press add effect, choose entrance, then press wipe. According to the line, set the direction. (For example, if your line is going down, in the direction column, you choose form top, that means the line will start to go down from the top.)
To make the route move by itself, custom animation for each line.

Thirdly, to make the consequence page show up in between the maze:
i) Copy the maze in five different slides.
ii) Go to the original maze page, and then select every line that leads up to the first red spot, then cut and paste them on every page.
iii) Starting from the second page, group everything together (right click – grouping – group) , so all the pages (except the first maze page) is one object, then cut every line from the second to the third point, then paste them on every page.
iv) Do the same action at the third, the forth…until you reach the end.
v) At this stage, your page should appears like that:
first page – only the route to first red spot (NOT grouped) second page – route from start to second red spot (first red spot grouped) third page – route from start to third red spot (first and second red spot grouped) fourth page – route from start to fourth red spot (first to third red spot grouped) fifth page – route from start to fifth red spot (first to fourth red spot grouped) make sure the ungrouped routes are custom animated!

Grouping the 5 consequence page in one object, then take the first consequence page on top of the first maze page, then right click the consequence page and press custom animation, choose add effect, then press entrance, choose fade, after that choose speed and then go to start and choose after previous. This means that after the first maze has finished moving the consequence page will automatically fade.

vi) Repeat this for every consequence page.


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