Saturday, August 12, 2006

Visual representation (assignment two)

The united nation has declared 2006 to be the international year of desert and desertification. It is not just important to the people living in deserts, but the earth gradually degradation is increasing at an alarming rate. Dry land covering up to 40% of the earth surface, and more than 110 countries are potentially at risk.

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The key idea of my design is based on four issues about desertification. My main theme focuses on how it effects and relates with us. In order to give students some understanding about what is desertification, I did some animation with a thermometer to represent temperature and a barrel of water to represent rainfall. The relation between temperature and rainfall affect the climate condition. By press the button, the temperature increase, at the same time the water in the barrel decrease and the photos change according to its process to show the real feature of desertification. I want to show the process where by productive land becomes so seriously eroded that any remaining soil loose fertility to plant growth. I use a short script at the top to explain and deliberately use color change the word, animation and photos to show the process.

My target student is lower form. For student live in urban know less geographic features about their environment. In my experience, it is difficult to understand complex geographical features only by languages or text. With the help of visual representation in education, student can easily understand what they see because “images are key to comprehending and communicate with the world around us”. According to Tufle (1983), picture can “convey the most knowledge” picture can pass the message instead of word of language and we also can expanded our thinking by vision is a process of constructive activity. Therefore, through visual to display a brief concept about desertification is my learning objective.

The natural cause of desertification present in the process page is easy grasped drought, high temperature, lower water and deforested land cause erosive of land. I want to emphasis human activity can play a considerable role in degrading land. Human activities cause desertification is a very important message I want to bring about. In the cause button, I give examples with pictures such as burn and slash and over logging and rearing show what is the feature about the activity that human practices poor farming and inappropriate method in our nature. Finally, a graph chart can give a concluded understanding for the various reason . The source from CMI teacher teaching centre can clearly show the relation between population, animals and their grassland. In such land and climate condition, if population increased, the demand for food must increase. Due to the improper using of land as show before, a consequence of animal and grassland decrease because of land degrading.

I want student to explore more, so I create the effects button. It appears four words with button to ask student to guess all the effect of desertification. I design in this way not just to present my work interactively with sound effect. I hope the guess process can lead student thinking on the world’s food production capacity if a global loss of biodiversity. By seeing the photos, I think they can imagine the massive suffering for those living in the desert, their means of survival.

In order to have fun and keep my students incentive to learn by themselves, I make it differently with the pervious way to present the consequence about desertification. In response to the comments, I have told about the difficulties in doing this maze, but it is worth to do if it can communicate information effectively by finished running the maze. In this page, I try to emphasis desertification exacerbates poverty and political instability. People suffer from water shortage and starve. Children cannot attend school. People have no where to live. Environmental refugees suffer under living difficulties...etc can result by ?? I think students already have their answers in mind.

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